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THE MAGIC BEGINS - A Harry Potter Challenge » Emily and I thought we all need a little more HP in our lives again so we came up with this 30 Day Photoshop -challenge to revive all the feels.
1 - Favourite character.2 - Favourite book.3 - Favourite movie.4 - Favourite ship.5 - Favourite house/your house.6 - Most powerful quote/favourite lines.7 - Favourite scene.8 - A scene you really wanted to be in the movies, but wasn’t.9 - A character you feel the need to defend.10 - Saddest scene.11 - A character death you wish didn’t happen.12 - Favourite canon ship/couple.13 - Favourite Wizarding Family. 14 -Favourite villain/anti-hero/antagonist.15 - Dreamcast for your favourite character(s). 16 -Favourite scenery/locations.17 - Favourite marauder.18 - A ship you like, but you think everyone else doesn’t.19 - Funniest moment.20 - Favourite Professor.21 - Favourite spell/curse.22 - Favourite patronus/your patronus.23 - Dumbledore’s Army? The Order of the Phoenix? or The Death Eaters?24 - Scariest scene/character.25 - Favourite class.26 - A really emotional scene/moment.27 - Favourite friendship.28 - A ship you wish everyone else is into.29 - A character you’d like to see more of on your dashboard.30 - Favourite memory of the HP fandom. (This can be in text form)
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